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  • Organize concerts featuring renowned Indian Classical musicians, within the US and internationally.

  • Provide a platform to up-and-coming Indian Classical musicians to perform in public.

  • Strengthen & build new audiences and patrons of Indian Classical Music.


  • Organize workshops and lecture demonstration sessions in partnership with academic institutions and social & cultural organizations.

  • Impart systematic music education (practice and theory), following the oral, traditional Guru-Shishya method of teaching and learning for music enthusiasts and learners to help develop new musicians and performers.

  • Enhance learning, understanding, and appreciation of Indian Classical Music for inquisitive individuals and keen learners.



  • Archive both the rich traditional knowledge and new compositions through systematic documentation (ex. articles, books).

  • Archive audio-video media regarding Indian classical music that may or may not be publicly available.

  • Host artist interviews and document their projects to capture and preserve their knowledge.

  • Build a repository of Indian Classical Music by creating and documenting innovative music, bandishes (poetic compositions), and Tabla compositions (books, articles, audio-video recordings).

  • Undertake research to scientifically study and document multifarious dimensions of Indian Classical Music and its impact on individuals and society’s development, health, and well-being.

At Sangeetayan, we are looking to collaborate with companies & creative individuals.

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